Become a Hospitality Partner

If your organization runs on the following principles too, we would love to get to know you and brainstorm exciting ways we can work together in bringing life-changing experiences to our guests:

  • You are Servant Minded
  • You Offer Outstanding Customer Service
  • You Offer a Great Value
  • You are Operationally Excellent
  • Your Guests Leave Feeling Like Family
  • Your Guests Leave Feeling More Connected to Each Other and Your Community

We are looking for hospitality partners that share our values and vision.


In general, upper midscale hotels suit our tours well, but we work with various types of hotels based on our group’s needs and price points. The typical SerVacation hotel acts as a central hub for our multi-day tours, thus it is preferable for it to be geographically central and relatively close to the airport. We seek a hotel that offers popular and stereotypical surroundings of that community. 


Our multi-day tours typically include lunch and select dinners, with optional add-on dinners so that guests can choose to socialize with their new fellow guests or go explore on their own. All of our restaurants highlight cuisine that is characteristic of that city, or authentic ethnic cuisines specific to the neighborhood we are visiting that day. Menus are often set or pay-as-you-go. We prefer private rooms or cordoned-off areas of the dining room.

Catering: On our single-day trips, we sometimes hire catering for picnics or memorable experiences where we want to be on-site at a particular attraction or volunteer experience. Our menus again attempt to match the tour theme or the flavors of the neighborhood.

Attractions/Step-On Guides:

We are always eager to discover new attractions, museums, theme parks, and experiences that our guests can enjoy.

We also utilize the services of step-on guides to leverage their specific expertise and knowledge about the neighborhoods we are visiting. If you offer a unique perspective on your neighborhood, we’d like to meet you. 


We partner with transportation companies including buses, trains, trolleys, and boats. Our groups vary in size from 2-50 people and transportation needs range from a one-way drop-off to multi-day, so we would look forward to hearing from you and learning about your fleet and capabilities.


If you or your organization is having a special event, concert, or fundraiser that you think may nicely be incorporated in a SerVacation, we’d look forward to brainstorming with you! Also, if you have a particular charity that your organization supports and you think a SerVacation may be a good fit to raise money for them, please let us know.

Ready to Begin?

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