Become a Nonprofit Partner

Are You a Charity Looking for Support?

One of our goals through SerVacations, is to use our platform in tourism and travel to serve the local communities wherever our groups are visiting, by assisting that community’s nonprofits. We can help you and your team by providing volunteers, community awareness, and financial support. Our mission to provide a vacation experience that combines the purpose-driven joy of serving others, with the rejuvenating benefits of a vacation, depends on partnerships with local charities, ministries, and nonprofits. We look forward to getting to know your mission and your organization’s needs.

How Does SerVacations Partner With Nonprofits?

SerVacations offers a unique tour itinerary that usually includes serving in a volunteer capacity at a local charity in the neighborhood that we are exploring that day. It’s a great opportunity for our guests to truly connect with the communities they are visiting — to see both the bright side and the very real needs that exist. Our guests love to help. They look forward to learning about your mission & dreams for the community, and they want to be engaged. Our hope is that when our guests return home, they will bring with them a love for your charity and become great cheerleaders to spread the word about you beyond your city. 

Don’t currently have any volunteer needs? We also have another opportunity to partner with SerVacations called “Love Our Neighbor” where we host an exciting single-day excursion in honor of your charity. Many nonprofits use it as an opportunity to invite supporters and clients to bring their whole family and celebrate the mission of their organization while having a fun daycation. A portion of the proceeds will benefit your nonprofit, and we can even open tickets to the public to share your message with guests from out of town who are excited that their tour will benefit a great cause!

1. Volunteer Tour Partner

  • Welcome our guests as volunteers in your facility, usually in the morning.
  • We encourage you to offer a quick tour of your facilities and presentation so that you can share your mission, your needs, and how they can help in the future.
  • Guests return home as future cheerleaders for your cause, having been fully connected to the needs of your community by serving with a charity that is leading the way in changing lives. 

2. “Love Our Neighbor” Tour Partner

  • Your charity is the featured charity for a single-day tour and receives a portion of the proceeds.
  • Invite supporters and clients to attend, we take care of all the registration and keep you updated every step of the way.
  • Our guests look forward to you presenting about your mission, what your needs are, and how they can help in the future.
  • If the group size reaches 30 guests, we will extend two complimentary tickets, which many charities use to invite a guest of honor like a foster family, veteran, cancer survivor, or other beneficiaries of their services.

What Are the Benefits?

1. Grow awareness of your mission

Are you interested in growing your audience beyond your community and also reaching locals that may have not previously heard about you. Our guests are service-minded individuals, families, and companies from all over the world, and also active locals seeking to learn something new and make a positive impact in their community.

2. A steady flow of volunteers ready to help

If you have regularly scheduled volunteer needs at the same time each week, our multi-day tours are a great fit. We can plan to visit your neighborhood on a particular day and work with you to find a plan that optimally meets your organization’s needs.

3. Be sponsored through our single-day vacation experiences

Serving doesn’t stop at volunteering. We want to be of assistance to area nonprofits who maybe don’t currently have any volunteer needs. Instead, on some of our single-day tours, our guests can show kindness to some of your clients and celebrate the work your organization does, all while raising money for you to continue doing great work.

Ready to Begin?

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