‘HIS STORY: THE MUSICAL’ Have you heard about it? You will!

Chances are, there was a time, perhaps during the first season of “The Chosen” when you began to hear rumblings of something ground-breaking and exciting happening. Maybe you heard a couple of people talking about it in your small group at church. Maybe you got a text from a friend. You asked if The Chosen was something new on Netflix? No was the answer, you can only stream it through a free app! You then watched an episode or two and knew that the world would never quite be the same again. The Word was getting out!


I’m predicting the same from a new broadway style musical that is debuting in Dallas, Texas called HIS StORY: The Musical. Many characterize it as Hamilton meets The Chosen. Of course this isn’t the first time that Jesus has appeared on stage, but I believe there is indeed something special about to happen! Here’s why…



The Music

If the first 3 seasons of ‘The Chosen’ has hit it out of the park in terms of making the gospel come to life, ‘His Story’ may in fact be batting cleanup to help make God’s word more relatable to a Gen-Z audience — an audience that would hesitate watching an hour show about the Bible, but can’t resist a good sound-byte!


Speaking of sound, you only have to listen to the first two songs of the His Story Soundtrack to know that the creator is on to something here. In fact, try to find another soundtrack where all of the first 8 songs are starred as amongst the most popular tracks in the world on Apple Music!



The Back-Story

What most people are even more amazed to hear is that the creator of these magnificent melodies and lyrics was a 16 year-old homeschool student when she began writing them!


Inspired by listening to the soundtrack for ‘Hamilton’ while on a mission trip in Africa, Anna Miriam Brown says God impressed on her how powerful this art of bringing history to life could be in telling the story of Jesus as well. When she sat down to write the music, it just flowed out of her.


A few years later, and the music has already been adapted to the stage. A Broadway caliber cast and Tony Award nominated director is ready to debut the show on May 18,2023


The Location

Much like using The Chosen App however, ‘His Story’ is not packaged in your cookie-cutter Broadway theater delivery system. Instead, the producers, including Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame and Bruce Lazarus a Tony Award Nominated Broadway veteran, chose to debut the show in Dallas, bringing it straight to the people, Jesus style!


Not only that, this electrifying performance isn’t debuting in a theater at all! The stage is under an enormous tent more characteristic of Cirque du Soleil, and it is located in a cutting edge entertainment complex called Grandscape.


No doubt this team is hoping that the people of the Bible Belt will be eager to come and see what promises to be an unforgettable and awe-inspiring performance in their own backyard


The Message

Not only are the reviews spectacular amongst special guests invited to watch dress rehearsals — they all say the talent, singing, and choreography is heaven-sent, but also the message itself truly resonates in this time.


Studies have shown that many in this up and coming generation feel more lonely and less heard and cared for than ever before. They are seeking someone to listen and know them, and guess what, that is exactly the recurring heart cry that the characters of Mary, Peter, Mary Magdalene and the followers of Christ convey in this musical.


I’m no film expert, but I believe that The Greatest Showman (coincidentally? depicting another intentional detour from a theater into a big-top tent) struck a chord with its audiences because it highlighted a man who turned humans’ weaknesses into strength. Audiences were encouraged to see other humans with all their flaws as beautiful.


From the video previews that I have seen, it’s clear that His Story successfully strikes the same chords. It has after all, as its advantage, a two-thousand year old time-proven script and a love story that never gets old.


In Conclusion

I believe crowds are going to flock to Dallas over time to see this show in person.


If the success of the soundtrack is any indication, might it even one day find a home on Broadway? That remains to be seen.


But let’s go see it now for ourselves. Let’s bring our youth groups, small groups, and friends who haven’t always felt heard. After all, His Story is our story.




Fred Carlson is the founder of SerVacations, a travel community that invites groups to volunteer while experiencing an unforgettable vacation with expert guides, authentic cuisine, and incredible tours and experiences, leaving guests feeling more connected to each other and the community that they are visiting.

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