Adventure Vacations for Families

Going on family vacations is one of the best ways to enjoy each other’s company and grow together as a family. I know that some of my favorite times with my kids and family come when we are out of our “natural surroundings” and simply looking to have a great time together as we explore new things. Plus, when you add small adventures into your family vacation itinerary, you can help each family member build a memory of the experience. Young children who grow up going on adventures with their whole family will build a lifetime of memories and a sense of adventure that lasts forever.

There are quite a few types of outstanding adventure vacations for families, and in this article, we want to share four types of family fun so that you can help your family grow closer together through activity vacations.

Active Vacations for Families

National Parks: The USA national parks system has an abundance of places for you to enjoy the kind of adventure you are looking for. Some of the places on my bucket list to visit with my family are Zion National Park, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone National Park. My family fondly remembers our visit to Mount Rushmore and Yosemite National Park. The great thing about National Parks is that you can visit them multiple times and have a different adventure each time.

Family Adventure: You don’t always have to visit a national park in order to have an active vacation! When you are booking your travel, you can look for fun activities such as horseback riding, mountain biking, zip lining, trail rides, rock climbing, etc. Even if your vacation location doesn’t offer those things, you can always find an epic hike, scavenger hunt, or other adventurous activity to bring your family together.

International Travel: If you want to stretch your family beyond their comfort zone, you can take a trip across the border. Many of the activities mentioned above can be experienced in places like Costa Rica, South Africa, South America, and other countries. My kids often ask when we will be taking another international trip because they enjoy the adventure of learning about other cultures. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to take an epic hike with my kids through Machu Picchu or Patagonia! What an adventure that would be! You can give your kids a love for adventure and indigenous culture by giving them opportunities to experience them on a family vacation.

Active Experiences: When you take your family on vacation, it is often hard to think through the activities you will be doing. The truth is you don’t always have to be the one looking to find exciting activities for your family. Sometimes they are right in front of you. In fact, taking a family trip like the tours we offer at SerVacations gives your whole family an opportunity to spend quality time together while also growing in their service to others. Soon we will be taking a tour of the perfect location for any baseball fan. Check out the tour if you want to know more about this “created for you” active experience that includes an opportunity to teach your kids about serving others.

Make your next trip an opportunity to get away from the mundane and build family bonds with your kids. It is one of the best ways to connect and build family memories.

8 days
Group Size
24 to 40

Father's Day Baseball Lovers Tour of the Heartland! June 12-19, 2024

Make it the best Father's Day ever by traveling the Midwest with dad, enjoying sightseeing, shows, watching baseball, volunteering, and experiencing the best of American hospitality! Families will experience all the best sightseeing in “The Windy City” of Chicago, take a behind-the-scenes tour at historic Wrigley Field, and enjoy a Cubs game! Then you will head to Des Moines, IA for a Volunteer Service Opportunity and a AAA Iowa Cubs game, stopping at the World’s Largest Truck Stop and going to a show! Take a day trip to visit Omaha, Nebraska and the College World Series, home to legendary investor Warren Buffett and the largest city in Nebraska! We’ll then head on to Dyersville, IA to play ball on the Field of Dreams and tour the famous movie site before doing some sightseeing in Galena and Rockford, IL (to learn about the Rockford Peaches made famous in the movie “A League of their Own,”) while heading back to Chicago for the flight home!

* The itinerary below is based on last year’s schedule. Games and theater shows will be selected based on scheduling and availability.

Group Size
10 to 50

Homeschool Family Day Trips in Central Florida

Are you looking for meaningful , curriculum-based travel experiences with hands-on learning opportunities? Desire to show your children the importance of giving back? Our homeschool day trips combine volunteering and vacation into one, and are a unique and engaging way to supplement their classroom learning. By participating in volunteer vacations with SerVacations you are not only providing your children with unforgettable travels, but you are also instilling valuable lessons about community-building and service. And it’s not just a vacation for the kids! Parents and grandparents love the opportunity to relax for the day, meet other homeschool families, and experience new things through their children’s’ eyes.

Group Leaders, please check out some of our sample tour destinations below. Tell us what you’re interested in by clicking “Ask A Question” to the right and we’ll be in touch with pricing, details, and availability, or call us at 813-498-2229 to get started planning your group’s tour. We provide you with a private URL for your tour, and take care of all the registration and payment for your group. We are adding new itineraries every week. If you have a location in mind, please let us know!

3 days
Group Size
12 to 30

Panama City Beach 2-Night Ecology & Marine Biology SerVacation

Enjoy a fun and educational weekend in the natural vacation oasis of Panama City Beach as we volunteer planting sea oats with a marine scientist to help with erosion control and to restore coastal habitat! You’ll stay at the brand new beachfront Hyatt Place, explore marine-biology and conservation with experts at Gulf World Marine Park, take an airboat ecotour of the intercoastal marshes, and much more! Just meet us with your family in Panama City Beach and we’ll take care of the rest.

These amazing all-inclusive package prices include hotel, attractions, volunteer opportunity, transportation on Saturday, expert guides, meals listed above, and all taxes and gratuity:

Double: $542 per person
Triple: $470 pp
Quad: $433 pp
Five: $412 pp
Six $397 pp
Single $755 pp

Contact us to schedule this trip for you and your group, and we will provide you with your very own trip page where your guests can register.