Why Vacation Can Be the Perfect Time & Place for Volunteering!

Most of us, when we visit a new place, yearn to feel connected to it. It’s natural. We want to understand its history and relate it to our own. We want to identify with its residents and understand what it’s like to live there.


A family on a SerVacation in Tarpon Springs, FL learns from a native what it was like to grow up in this Greek village.

When we temporarily forget about ourselves and serve others or a cause, we can open ourselves to become more connected to that community. We become available. We’re not just trying to check sights off our bucket list, we’re engaging with the neighborhood.

Our son Kyle cleaning during a SerVacation with Metropolitan Ministries.

Volunteering is a stellar way to get to know the heart of a community — to understand its challenges, it’s joys and accomplishments, and what it’s needs are.

You may just be visiting for a short time, but rather than scratching the surface, you’re diving in deep.

A senior stacks boxes of food after they have been filled so that they can be distributed to needy families during the holidays.

Ironically, many of us convince ourselves that in our own community with work and school and schedules, we have less time to volunteer. Well, vacation takes away that excuse if we let it. We finally have the time outside our usual element, along with our family, friends, or simply on our own, to volunteer and give of ourselves.

A lot of times, vacation can be all about “you.” After all, we’re being served throughout our trip, by hotel clerks, waiters and waitresses, tour guides, and cruise directors. It’s so nice to experience true hospitality at its best, but what if this is the only thing that our kids relate vacation to? Me, me, me?

Instead, what if the service goes both ways? You are experiencing the hospitality of the city you are in, but you are also giving back and making an effort to serve others there as well. It becomes an interchange of humanity, unity, and the love of God.

Rather than it being all about us, it provides a practical lesson for our kids that even while we’re on vacation, experiencing new adventures, seeing new things, learning about other cultures, we are also open and available to give back and hear from God about where He is working in a city, a nation, or in certain peoples’ lives. How amazing is it that He is inviting us to be in on his plans and that we can do so through travel and volunteering?

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Want to discover for yourself how impactful serving can be while on vacation? SerVacations offers exciting single-day and multi-day vacations for families, couples, and groups of all ages! We offer customized volunteer vacations that are designed to help you unwind from the daily grind and leave you feeling more connected to one another and the community. To learn more, check out our Current Tours page or contact us about setting up a custom experience for you or your family, business, or church group!

8 days
Group Size
24 to 40

Father's Day Baseball Lovers Tour of the Heartland! June 12-19, 2024

Make it the best Father's Day ever by traveling the Midwest with dad, enjoying sightseeing, shows, watching baseball, volunteering, and experiencing the best of American hospitality! Families will experience all the best sightseeing in “The Windy City” of Chicago, take a behind-the-scenes tour at historic Wrigley Field, and enjoy a Cubs game! Then you will head to Des Moines, IA for a Volunteer Service Opportunity and a AAA Iowa Cubs game, stopping at the World’s Largest Truck Stop and going to a show! Take a day trip to visit Omaha, Nebraska and the College World Series, home to legendary investor Warren Buffett and the largest city in Nebraska! We’ll then head on to Dyersville, IA to play ball on the Field of Dreams and tour the famous movie site before doing some sightseeing in Galena and Rockford, IL (to learn about the Rockford Peaches made famous in the movie “A League of their Own,”) while heading back to Chicago for the flight home!

* The itinerary below is based on last year’s schedule. Games and theater shows will be selected based on scheduling and availability.

Group Size
10 to 50

Homeschool Family Day Trips in Central Florida

Are you looking for meaningful , curriculum-based travel experiences with hands-on learning opportunities? Desire to show your children the importance of giving back? Our homeschool day trips combine volunteering and vacation into one, and are a unique and engaging way to supplement their classroom learning. By participating in volunteer vacations with SerVacations you are not only providing your children with unforgettable travels, but you are also instilling valuable lessons about community-building and service. And it’s not just a vacation for the kids! Parents and grandparents love the opportunity to relax for the day, meet other homeschool families, and experience new things through their children’s’ eyes.

Group Leaders, please check out some of our sample tour destinations below. Tell us what you’re interested in by clicking “Ask A Question” to the right and we’ll be in touch with pricing, details, and availability, or call us at 813-498-2229 to get started planning your group’s tour. We provide you with a private URL for your tour, and take care of all the registration and payment for your group. We are adding new itineraries every week. If you have a location in mind, please let us know!